Filename: 099-misc.txt
Title: Miscellaneous proposals
Author: Various
Created: 26-Jan-2007
Status: Obsolete

{This document is obsolete; we only used it once, and we have implemented
its only idea.)


   This document is for small proposal ideas that are about one paragraph in
   length.  From here, ideas can be rejected outright, expanded into full
   proposals, or specified and implemented as-is.


1. Directory compression.

  Gzip would be easier to work with than zlib; bzip2 would result in smaller
  data lengths.  [Concretely, we're looking at about 10-15% space savings at
  the expense of 3-5x longer compression time for using bzip2.]  Doing
  on-the-fly gzip requires zlib 1.2 or later; doing bzip2 requires bzlib.
  Pre-compressing status documents in multiple formats would force us to use
  more memory to hold them.

  Status: Open

  -- Nick Mathewson