Filename: 234-remittance-addresses.txt
Title: Adding remittance field to directory specification
Author: Virgil Griffith, Leif Ryge, Rob Jansen
Created: 2014-03-27
Status: Rejected

Note: Rejected. People are doing this with ContactInfo lines.

1. Motivation

  We wish to add the ability for individual users to donate to the
  owners of relay operators using a cryptocurrency.  We propose adding
  an optional line to the torrc file which will be published in the
  directory consensus and listed on

2. Proposal

  Allow an optional "RemittanceAddresses" line to the torrc file
  containing comma-delimited cryptocurrency URIs.  The format is:

    RemittanceAddressses <currency1>:<address>1,<currency2>:<address2>

  For an example using an actual bitcoin and namecoin address, this is:

    RemittanceAddressses bitcoin:19mP9FKrXqL46Si58pHdhGKow88SUPy1V8,namecoin:NAMEuWT2icj3ef8HWJwetZyZbXaZUJ5hFT

  The contents of a relay's RemittanceAddresses line will be mirrored in
  the relay's router descriptor (which is then published in the
  directory consensus).  This line will be treated akin to the
  ContactInfo field.  A cryptocurrency address may not contain a colon,
  comma, whitespace, or other nonprintable ASCII.

  Like the ContactInfo line, there is no explicit length limit for
  RemittanceAddressses---the only limit is the length of the entire
  descriptor.  If the relay lists multiple addresses of the same
  currency type (e.g., two bitcoin addresses), only the first
  (left-most) one of each currency is published in the directory