Filename: 282-remove-named-from-consensus.txt
Title: Remove "Named" and "Unnamed" handling from consensus voting
Author: Nick Mathewson
Created: 12-Sep-2017
Status: Accepted
Target: arti-dirauth

1. Summary

   Authorities no longer vote for the "Named" and "Unnamed" flags, and we
   have begun to remove the client code that supports them. (See proposal
   235). The next logical step is to remove the special handling from these
   flags from the consensus voting algorithm.  We specify this here.

2. Proposal

   We add a new consensus method, here represented as M, to be allocated
   when this proposal's implementation is merged.

   We specify that the Named and Unnamed flags are only handled
   specially when the negotiated consensus method is earlier than M.  If
   the negotiated method is M or later, then the Named and Unnamed
   flags are handled as if any they were any other consensus flags.